$100/Day with Affiliate Marketing (part 2)

Yesterday, we hiked the Kootenai Falls in Western Montana.

It’s where they filmed the movie “A River Runs Through It

Here’s a pic of the kids and I;


Yesterday, I released the second video in the “Make $100/Day with Affiliate Marketing” training series.

Not to worry.

It’s 100 F-R-E-E.

In the video, you’ll discover the most skipped step for anyone when creating an online business.

I see people struggle for weeks…months….years (eek!) because they half ass this step.

I did it for years.

Learn from my (and others’ mistakes).

Save yourself time, money, stress, anxiety, frustration, shame, guilt, embarrassment and frequent trips to the liquor store by clicking the link below;


People seem to be enjoying this series so far.

I’m likely going to continue on with different series going forward.

The final two videos will be released next week (Monday & Thursday).

I gotta run as we’re “relaxing” on the lake today.

I put that word in quotes, as these two kids would swim 14 hours a day, if they could.


Impact Over Income,

P.S. Check out the 2nd video: Make $100/Day with Affiliate Marketing