1,000 days ago…

Are you battling inner demons? This will help.

Adam here…

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was trimming the bushes in the backyard.

It was Easter Sunday, 2019.

The kids were at their Mom’s house.

I was disappointed we weren’t doing our Easter egg hunt (something I enjoy more than the kids do).

We did the egg hunt the day before, but it’s not the same, not being on Easter Sunday.


As I was trimming the bushes, I was reflecting on my life’s choices.

I was 37 and had my struggles with alcohol.

I didn’t drink on a daily basis.

Typically, it was only weekends.

Often times, alone, on the couch, watching YouTube videos. Seriously.

In social settings, I strived to be the “life of the party”

Often times being a complete fucking asshole to people closet to me.

As I was in the backyard, I thought — this ain’t healthy. I need to make a change. 

So I challenged myself to go 30 days without alcohol.

A challenge I had made to myself probably 78 times over the past two decades and failed miserably.

Making it 10 days was a struggle.

This time felt different, though.

The first couple weeks were difficult.

Suddenly, the 30-day mark was within reach.

On day 30, I thought to myself — “I am going to go for 40 days”.

On the 40th day, I said, “I think I can do 50 days”.

On the 50th day, I thought this isn’t that difficult, let’s do 100.

Today marks 1,000 days without a sip of alcohol.

Surprisingly, it’s been a lot easier than I thought.

I’ve thought of having a drink a handful of times.

You might be struggling with something.

Alcohol, drugs, pills, porn, cigarettes, gambling or something else.

I want you to commit to a 30-day challenge to remove it from your life.

Not giving it up completely.

Just 30 days.

This is much more achievable in your mind.

Forever seems like an eternity, and an insurmountable task.

Just 30 days.

You’ll realize it’s not nearly as difficult as you’ve (likely) been telling yourself.

Currently, I am in the middle of a “No sweets” 30-day challenge, which has been more difficult than kicking booze.

I did the same thing with porn 2.5 years ago, and haven’t watched it since.

We as humans are capable of some truly incredible things.

We just need to put our minds to it.

You got this!