15 year old banks $626 today…a wake up call for you

A 14 year old messaged me on Facebook last June.

This isn’t some Chris Hansen “How to Catch a Predator” story 😂

He asked for help on how to start a Shopify store.

He read an answer of mine that I posted on Quora in 2017.

And reached out with some questions.

Since June, I’ve “coached” him via FB messenger.

What to do/not do when it comes to online busienss.

At the time, he only had a few hundred dollars to invest.

I told him that he was going to need more.

Last summer, he mowed grass and saved up his money.

He recently won $750 at a Shark Tank type contest in his town.

He’s now 15, and lives in Iowa.

A freshman at his local high school.

Earlier this week, I spoke with him and his Mom on the phone.

He opened his online store last night.

Here is the screenshot he sent me a couple of hours ago;


How cool is that?!

Most of the sales came from family & friends, but still really cool for this young man.

At 15 years old.

He put in the work.

The internet has leveled the playing field.

There is no reason that you could not do the same, if you desire.

I don’t want to hear the “no time” bullshit excuse.

You find the time.

Cut back on Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier.

Go to bed 15 minutes later.

Carve out 30 minutes a day.

Dedicate that time to a side hustle.

There is a lot of doom & gloom in the world today.

I still believe this is the absolute best time to be alive.

It’s not even close.

The opportunity we’re all presented is absolutely mind blowing.

It’s up to you to take advantage of it.

It’s a choice.

YOUR choice

Choose wisely.