27 million reasons to build an email list

I yap about it a lot.

You might be sick of hearing about it.

And I ain’t gonna shut up about it anytime soon.

Building an email list is the backbone of EVERY successful online business.

Last week, I learned the website, The Hustle, was acquired by software behemoth, HubSpot (an $18 BILLION dollar company).

The Hustle is a media company.

Basically, an online newsletter busienss.

Sam Parr, the founder, launched it in 2016.

He reached out to entrepreneurs asking if he could interview them.

This is how he built up his email list.

An email list that is now 1.5 MILLION subscribers!

He emails DAILY.

Get this…

He averages an industry rattling 45% open rate (average is 22.1%)

With his email list, he launched his first live event, Hustle Con.

He also earns money via sponsorships, brand deals, partnerships and selling digital products.

The financials we’re released, and Sam joked, “I’m taking it take it to the grave”, referring to the amount HubSpot paid.

The Hustle was valued at $27 MILLION.

Rumors swirling around the internet put the price tag in the range of $22 – $27 million.

According to Sam, here is the foundation for his success;

  1. Copywriting
  2. Creating content
  3. Building an email list.

Pretty simple, really.

All three are insanely important for EVERY online busienss.

Focus on those three, it’s nearly impossible to lose.

I might add, “Make offers” in that list.

As I often say, “Create content. Make offers

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