3 words I avoid like the plague

I have this Post-It note on my monitor.

It serves as a constant reminder.

It has three words;

  • Confusion
  • Overwhelm
  • Complexity

In each piece of content (YouTube video, these emails, posts on social media, etc) I try to eliminate those three words.

I try to make online business third grade level simple.

The greedy gurus usually add 72 unneeded steps that causes….


Which leads to inaction.

On Monday, a customer of mine reached out asking if I had more training on how to build a sales funnel.

I replied, “Before I send you anythingWho is your market?

He replied back with his market.

I then asked what his offer was.

He replied with this email;

I wanted to make sure he had the right pieces in place BEFORE building a sales funnel.

He had already made a sale with the training he bought from me.

You’ll notice he appreciates my simplicity.

This goes for every market on the face of the planet.

You could be teaching people online business, how to quit porn, build muscle, gain confidence or build a thriving marriage.

If you can break it down where a third-grader can understand it, you’ll have a line of people wanting to throw fists full of cash at you.

People crave simplicity like I crave a tall glass of Egg Nog.

This guy admitted he’s “all over the place

Something I find 87.4% of entrepreneurs struggle with.

I’ve fallen in the trap many, many times over the years.

If your business feels more like a hobby than a business, shoot me a DM on Facebook here with the word HELP.

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There IS work involved, so if you’re looking for “push button millions”, this ain’t for you.

I will call you out on your bullshit, so if you’re easily offended, this most definitely ain’t for you.