5,431 leads in ONE day from _________?

This wreaks of desperation.

And I don’t recommend it.

Adam stopping by again…

I don’t cold DM anybody.

That ain’t my style.

The greedy Gurus will scream, “it’s s numbers game, bro!”


I’m not saying it doesn’t work.

Just not how I do things.

If you like grinding away hours a day, sending the same template, “How’s your day/business going?”. More power to you.

I’d rather dig my eyeballs out with plastic spoons.

I prefer to post content on the social medias.

And have people come to me.

It’s all about positioning yourself as the obvious choice in the marketplace.

This morning, I had two Dads reach out to me on the Facebooks.

One guy sent this message;

His Tik Tok account is at 785,000 followers!

And an email list of 39,000!

And $211,000 that he deposited into his bank account!

And I inspired him to get started on Tik Tok?

Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

We went back and forth for about 30 minutes on what he’s doing, how he can position himself better in the marketplace, his Tik Tok/email strategy, and how to turn that asset (39k subscribers) into $20k – $39k in monthly sales.

1 subscriber should equal $0.50 – $1.00 per month.

He then asked if he could hire me to help him achieve this.

This is how I do business.

Put out helpful (at times, a shit ton of it) content.

And people come to me.

This isn’t the only way to do it.

But it’s what been working for me.

I’ve been getting a lot more action over on the Facebook by reposting my Tik Toks as Facebook Reels on my personal profile.

If you’re not hopping on the Facebook Reels train, I would get on that yesterday.

It’s an untapped gold mine.

Let me prove it to you…

Josh, a buddy of mine, generated 5,431 leads in ONE day from Facebook Reels.

9,400 leads in two days?

Not too bad, huh?

Facebook Reels is like a gravy train on biscuit wheels (if you’ve seen King Pin, you’ll get that reference 😜)

I wouldn’t wait another day.

This is a massive opportunity for all of us to build an audience quickly.

As you’re building this audience, you could sell them an ebook.

Solving a specific problem for a specific person based off your experience.

This is a great “starting point” and you can build upon your ebook.

If you need help with that, my 48 Ebook Challenge will help you take fast, imperfect action.

If you write and publish your ebook in 48 hours, I will become your FIRST paying customer.

You’re getting paid to write your ebook.

There ain’t a guarantee like this on the internet, I checked.

When you’re ready, tap that link below;



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