A 6 month plan to escape employment for an unhappy Swede

Looking to escape employment?

Read on…

I mentioned that I’ve been doing a Tik Tok live every day since May 1st.

It’s challenging, no doubt about that.

However, I thoroughly enjoy doing them.

Last week, I was on live around 10:00 pm.

A lady from Sweden was on.

While she was at work.

She’s frustrated with her job and looking for a way to earn money online.

I asked her what she enjoys doing, her passions, etc.

She told me she loves creating WordPress websites and tutorials.

Excitedly, I said, “this is perfect!”

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world.

Something like 27% of all websites are built on WordPress.

I told her she should create Tik Toks around WordPress tips & tricks.

With a limit of 60 seconds, they’d be short, quick tips.

  • How to add a logo
  • How to change fonts
  • How to add a menu
  • How to add a header/footer

I suggested she start a YouTube channel with longer tutorials. More in-depth, detailed and step-by-step.

She could drive her Tik Tok traffic over to YouTube and start building out her channel.

I told her she could package up 20 (or so) tutorials and sell them for $29.

Call it something along the lines of “Website in a Weekend”

She could recommend hosting, themes and plugins on the backend for affiliate sales.

Typically, 5% of people who purchase will likely get fed up attempting to create their own website, and will want to hire her.

This could be her high ticket offer ($1,500+).

She’s earning from her initial offer ($29), affiliate income and her done-for-you service.

She could escape her job in six months with this strategy.

No doubt about it.

It takes work, yes.

But this is a very doable plan.

This should give you some ideas on how you can turn your knowledge, wisdom or skillset into an online business.

It’s not terribly difficult.

It does involve work.

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