A boring, not flashy, extremely effective business plan

Hey Adam!

You’ve heard me say this MANY times.

And I will continue hammering home this point home.

It’s about making offers consistently.

In fact, I recorded a podcast about this topic you can listen to here: The Importance of Making More Offers, Consistently.


Inside Dadpreneur Freedom, we’re doing a ‘Make a Daily Offer’ Challenge for the month of August.

Nathan, a fellow Dadpreneur, is committing himself to two simple goals;


That’s online business in a nutshell;

  1. Build your email list.
  2. Make offers to that email list.

That’s literally it.

It’s boring.

It ain’t sexy or flashy, but can be incredibly profitable.

It’s what all the super successful companies do.

Why not model them, right?

If you struggle with accountability, Dadpreneur Freedom can help you with that.

We’ll root you on, and be your cheerleader (minus the skirts & pom poms, of course).

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Impact Over Income,

P.S. Make more offers.

Do this DAILY.

It’s one of the biggest reasons people aren’t making the money they desire. They’re simply not asking for it.

Ask for it MORE. And you’ll get MORE of it, I guarantee it.

If you need help with that, join Dadpreneur Freedom here.