About Me

My name is Adam Dukes…I started life in Brighton, Michigan, a stone’s throw from where your father’s car was probably built. I am the first, and only, born son of Mike and Shirli Dukes (firm
handshake for dad, hugs and kisses for mom).

A father to two (Ava & Ashton), a Dadpreneur, a marketing strategist, a horrendous fantasy football player, a dreadful golfer, a cheeseburger connoisseur and a wastebucket full of useless sports knowledge.

Let’s get right to it…

This is NOT your politically correct, business blog.

  • There will be misspellings
  • There will be grammar mistakes
  • There will be swearing

If any of that offends you, you should leave right now.

This is a snowflake-free zone.

You’ll not only read about my wins, but but also my losses. I just try and keep a winning record — unlike, my Detroit sports teams.

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