About Me

I started life in Brighton, Michigan, a stone’s throw from where your father’s car was probably built.

I’m the first, and only, born son of Mike and Shirli Dukes (firm handshake for dad, hugs and kisses for mom).

A father to Ava & Ashton, a Dadpreneur, a marketing strategist, a horrendous fantasy football player, a dreadful golfer, a cheeseburger connoisseur and a waste bucket full of useless sports knowledge.

I write, make YouTube videos and create digital products for Dadpreneurs.  

Dadpreneur Freedom

Learn how to build an online business without sacrificing your money, your sanity or your reputation.

A podcast for Dads who are small business owners, entrepreneurs, course creators, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, coaches or have a desire to become a Dadpreneur. 

3 Different Ways I Can Help You:

Dadpreneur Freedom Blueprint

A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Earning $100/Day With Digital Products

Get Paid to Write Your Ebook

To motivate you to take massive action, I’ll personally BUY a copy of your ebook when you write and publish it in 48 hours!​

Watch 600+ Videos on YouTube

Check out my YouTube channel with videos on mindset, digital products, & audience growth tips