I help solopreneurs get paid $3,000 – $18,000 per month helping people solve problems online. 

They achieve this by following my F.U.N. Framework;

  • F – Find a target market (a group of people with a painful, present problem) 
  • U – Understand their market’s pains & problems, dreams & desires and wants & needs by having conversations with them.  
  • N– Now, go out and make them an offer — a solution (your product or service) that solves that specific problem. 

Taking this shockingly simple approach, my clients avoid the confusion, overwhelm and complexity when it comes to earning Internet Income.

This saves them time, money, frustration, stress, anxiety, shame, guilt, embarrassment, humiliation, fear and frequent trips to the liquor store. 😜

About Me

I started life in Brighton, Michigan, a stone’s throw from where your father’s car was probably built.

I’m the first, and only, born son of Mike and Shirli Dukes (firm handshake for dad, hugs and kisses for mom).

A father to Ava & Ashton, a Dadpreneur, a marketing strategist, a horrendous fantasy football player, a dreadful golfer, a cheeseburger connoisseur and a waste bucket full of useless sports knowledge.

I write, make YouTube videos and create digital products for Dadpreneurs.  

3 Different Ways I Can Help You:

Crash Course

5 day crash course on getting paid $3k-$18k helping people solve problems online

Digital Product Challenge

To motivate you to take massive action, I’ll personally BUY your digital product when you launch it within 5 days!

Watch 600+ Videos on YouTube

Check out my YouTube channel with videos on mindset, digital products, & audience growth tips