Advice from Mike Dukes (my old man)

I’m writing this from the cabin in Montana.

I found a spot that has wi-fi.


My 40th birthday is in 25 days.

Over on the Facebooks, I have been sharing one life lesson each day leading up to my birthday. (Shoot me a friend request here if we’re not connected)

In total, I’ll share 40 lessons (in 40 days).

I’ll then combine all these Facebook posts into one big blog post.

Yesterday’s lesson was one my Dad shared with me back in 2006.

I left Michigan in November 2006.

My Mom and I drove across the country.

She flew back to Michigan.

I was now a Vegas resident.

In my belongings, my Dad tucked away a letter he had written me.

In the letter was the best damn advice I ever done received.

It was this:

“Always be honest, sincere and hard-working”. 

It’s something I’m teaching Ava (7) and Ashton (5).

I’ve shared this a number of times over the years.

If you’ve been on this email list, you’ve likely heard me say it.

A little reminder doesn’t hurt.

Live life by this simple philosophy, and it’s hard to not build a life you’re incredibly proud of.

Impact Over Income,

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