Advice I gave to a 20-year old Romanian

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Adam swinging by again on this beautiful Friday afternoon…

I just got done jamming on a livestream on Tik Tok.

Something about livestreams light me up like a Christmas tree.

I had a 20 year old kid from Romania on.

He works a factory job earning $500/mo.

He has a couple listings on Etsy and Fiverr that make him sporadic sales.

He’s looking to quit his factory job ASAP.

I told him a $500 salary isn’t too difficult to replace.

With livetreams, you never know what questions are going to be asked.

And I don’t have answers prepared in advance.

I answer “on the fly”.

I told him if I were him, I would offer short form video editing as a service.

Facebook & Instagram copied Tik Tok with Reels.

YouTube came out with Shorts.

Pinterest launched Idea Pins.

Spotify and Netflix are experimenting with short form video content.

If you can’t tell, short form video content is the future.

I told him to pick a niche (ex: personal injury attorneys, male online business coaches, female personal brands, whatever)

And start reaching out to these people, offering this as a service.

This is a skill you could learn for free on YouTube over the course of a weekend (learn over a weekend, not become the best in the world over a weekend)

Or I told him to find someone on UpWork to do the service for you.

Charge $50/video to the client.

Minimum order is 10 videos/month.

Outsource the editing to someone for $20 – $25 per video.

He pockets the rest.

I explained to him that there is work involved with communicating with the client, getting video footage, sharing ideas/strategy, managing expectations, etc.

And communicating those needs to the outsourcer.

Not hard, and better than working a factory job.

I just didn’t want think to think he sits back and profits $25 per video for doing nothing.

For him, a client or two would be enough to replace his factory job.

This is something  ANYONE with internet access could do.

It costs ZERO dollars to get started.

Just some elbow greases, cold outreach and a willingness to handle people saying “no” (more times than they’ll say “yes”).

We’re still so early with short form video content.

Now would be the time to get started with this to get a huge head start of others who will be hopping on this hot up and coming trend.

For those who don’t enjoy client work, I got something for you…

You write and publish an ebook in 48 hours.

I become your FIRST paying customer.

Your ebook is LIVE by this time Sunday.

You pick a launch day (end of next week).

You “tease” it on social media next week.

Start selling it for $10 during your 3/5/14 day launch.

You get feedback from your customers.

Improve your ebook (add, subtract, clarify, etc).

You’ve just increased the value of your ebook.

You ask for testimonials.

Two people agree to give you them.

You add them to your order form/sales page.

You increase the price to $17.

Rinse and repeat this process.

There is a lot you can do with your ebook.

If done right, it should lead to your customers asking:

What else can you help me with?

I’m reminded by this quote:

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”

It all starts from a simple little ebook.

If you’re up for the challenge this weekend, click the link below;

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If you need some accountability, this challenge is for you, {first_name}.

I ain’t promising this ebook will help you retire by next Tuesday.

It will give you direction.

And when you publish it, it will give you momentum.

And a boost in confidence.

And this game is all about confidence.

When you’re ready…


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