Am I a walking contradiction?

I preach simplicity.

Yet I’ve kinda veered from the path…

Adam stopping by again…

I’m a big fan of simplicity.

One of my favorite quotes is from Steve Jobs;

Focus and simplicity…once you get there, you can move mountains. 

Damn…that’s powerful!

Over the last couple weeks, I have been (overthinking) about how I can simplify things even more.

You see…I have what I call a slight domain addiction.

Maybe you can relate, {first_name}?

I come up with these cute/clever domains and use them for a couple of months and get tired of them.

I bought in 2016 after I helped a guy quit his job at Solar City.

I used that domain a lot of 2020/2021, but felt it was too internet market-ey — something I am trying to get away from.

I have, the name of the podcast I started last summer.

That I haven’t recorded an episode since November.

Last June, I bought, which I still love (and do use).

However, this leads to confusion for me.

I imagine it’s confusing the fuck out of my market.

Ya know what hasn’t changed in all the years? 

My name.

In 2017, I invested $300 for the domain.

Money well spent, as that’s a HOT piece of digital real estate 😜

I use Systeme.IO for all my funnels, sales pages and to house my digital products.

It’s a wonderful platform, but I have 4 domains attached, and use a sub-domain:

It doesn’t really integrate well with WordPress.

Here’s how I feel about WordPress;

A scene from Brokeback Mountain. 

I considered moving everything over to Kajabi (including my WordPress site/blog).

I hate being tied to an all-in-one platform, especially one that costs $200/mo.

All-in-one platforms are great, but you lose a lot of control (which I hate!)

The other night, I went back to what worked for me back in 2012.

Optimize Press.

I used it 18 months ago, and loved the ease of the page builder.

Without a doubt, it provided the best looking templates of all the funnel builders out there.

However, delivering products was limited to a few WordPress plugins that I have not had good experiences with.

When I was going down the Optimize Press rabbit hole the other night, I stumbled upon a blog post they published a couple of weeks ago.

They just released OptimizeMentor, their membership/course building plugin!

God’s Plan. 

And it looks super simple to use.

This allows me to house EVERYTHING – my blog, website, podcast, landing/sales pages, online calendar pages, and digital products/trainings/courses all on ONE domain.

No sub-domains.

No cute/clever domains.

Everything will be housed under my name.

The one thing that will not change.

My birthday is August 8th, and plan to have everything moved over by then.

This will allow me to use my site as my “main hub”.

All traffic will go there.

Why do I tell you all this?

Maybe you have the same struggles as me where you buy domains and never do anything with.

Or maybe you use them for a couple of months, and “grow out of them”.

Or maybe you’re sick of remembering which domains to use/promote.

Your name is something that will never change (women, this isn’t the case for you).

This, of course, is for people building a business around content/their name (a personal brand).

You wouldn’t create a Shopify store with your name.

I’m filled with joy on this discovery.

And really excited to really streamline everything moving forward.

Speaking of Steve Jobs quote from above…

Writing and publishing an ebook is simple.

It allows you to focus on ONE thing.

Get it written and published in 48 hours.

I become your FIRST paying customer.

You start getting more customers.

They need more help from you.

You create more digital products, or offer them some type of coaching or DFY service.

You FOCUS on your customers.

This model is SIMPLE.

For some ass kicking accountability, take the 48 Hour Ebook Challenge by clicking the link below;


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