Are you showing up to the race without shoes, or socks, or shorts, or underwear?!?

53 consecutive days of going live on TikTok.

It’s been an eye-opening journey.

What started off as a 30-day challenge on May 1st has morphed into an incredible learning experience for me.

I’ve chatted with people from all over the globe.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that people are asking the wrong questions. 

Here are some common questions;

  • What’s the best business model?
  • Should I do affiliate marketing or dropshipping?
  • Shopify or Amazon FBA?
  • Is Click Funnels the best funnel builder?

I answer these questions the same way.

With a question.

That question be this:

Who is your market?

Who is the group of people that you’re committed to helping…







This is step #1 when starting any business. 

Far too many are concerned about step #27, step #53 or step #88.

And they haven’t figured out step #1 yet.

It’s like showing up to a race without shoes, or socks, or shorts, or underwear.

It boggles my mind.

It’s why most spin their wheels for years.

Sad to see.

So my question to you, Adam…

Do you have a market you’re committed to serving?

A market that lights a fire in your belly when you help them with something (a breakthrough, an ah ha moment, shattering a belief, eliminating an excuse, getting them to take action, etc)

A market you’re going to show up for daily, publish consistent content for, and being the leader you’re meant to be for the next 2+ years.

If any of that terrifies you, this business ain’t for you.

Regardless of what some dipshits on Tik Tok will tell you.

This business takes focus, discipline and hard work.

However, the work can be incredibly fulfilling.

And fun.

And make you smile from ear-to-ear.

And fill you with an immense amount of pride and joy.

Never forget this…

You have a skill set, knowledge, wisdom, experiences and/or God-given talents that can help people save time, money, frustration, stress, anxiety, humiliation, guilt, shame, fear, and frequent trips to the liquor store.

That’s your gift to the world.

You have the ability to provide a tremendous amount of value with the universe.

Life changing value.

It all starts with WHO.

Don’t forget that.

Impact Over Income,

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