5 “Under the Radar” Benefits of Content Marketing

It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of content marketing.

You’re reading this blog post on my website.

That has a video at the bottom.

Over the years, I have published 400+ marketing blog posts on various different blogs (275 on this one, 120 on this one and 12 on the one you’re reading right now).

I have answered 131 questions on Quora.

Posted 67 stories on Medium.

Written and published 26 articles on LinkedIn.

Recorded and posted 317 videos uploaded to YouTube.

Not to mention the thousands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Just want to prove that I ain’t just whistlin’ dixie, I do practice what I preach.


Let me paint you a picture.

This is something I came up with years ago, and always gets a chuckle.

Imagine having your own sales force, working for you around the clock — 24/7/365.

This “mini army” of sales assassins, can communicate with the most qualified people about your product or service.

Here’s the kicker, this team of assassins…

  • Will never call in sick
  • Will not ask to take a vacation
  • Will never show up late
  • Will not cost you a penny AND work for free
  • Will never go work for your competition
  • Will not ask for benefits
  • Will ALWAYS present the perfect pitch, without fail

And this sales force will NEVER flirt with Debbie in accounting ?

This is just a glimpse into the power of what content marketing can do for your business.

I have blog posts that I wrote 4-5 years ago that still generate me website, awareness and leads.

Same with videos on YouTube.

Content marketing can produce awareness, leads and sales for years to come.

Cold calling cannot do this for your business.

Neither can direct mail or cold emailing.

Content marketing is when you do the work once and reap the benefits for years to come.

one of the biggest benefits is it makes sales effortless.

The other day, I recorded a video explaining exactly how:

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