Can you ethically turn your $20 ebook into a $5,800 sale?

Sadly, most people are short-sighted.

Today, I want you to think BIGGER.

Here are a few ways you can turn your ebook into $100, $1000 or even $5,800 sales…

1. Your ebook is NOT the destination

It’s the gateway to your other offers (ebooks, trainings, courses, membership site, coaching, consulting, services, etc).

They say it’s 5x – 12x times easier to sell to a current customer than it is to sell to a new prospect.

If you’re in the coaching/consulting space, you can use this ebook to close high ticket clients.

Say GOODBYE to DM’ing complete strangers 3 hours/day.

2. Your ebook is the seed

That can turn into something larger (more expensive).

Some of your customers are going to need more assistance. They might need more in-depth training around the topic of the ebook. This could be in the form of: video tutorials, worksheets, checklists, accountability, and/or some form of coaching or community.

Turn your ebook into a mini course and price it at $47 – $97.

Turn your ebook into a flagship course and price it at $197 – $997

Turn your ebook into a group coaching offer and price it at $1,500 – $5,800+.

It all starts with one single ebook.

3. Your ONE ebook could turn into a six-figure business

I know entrepreneurs who consistently earn five figures per month selling simple ebooks. They typically add in additional offers (more digital products), but this is optional.

You could have your first (or next) digital asset live by Thursday!

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