Canadian rapper helping me get through tough times

I’ve been struggling this last week.

This weird hack is keeping a smile on my face.

Adam stopping by again…

The kids went to Montana with the ex on Sunday.

We went as a family last summer.

Last week, I drove myself to the brink of insanity with the thought of staying in Vegas while they leave without me.

I got teary eyed in church on Sunday (again!).

Truth be told, I’ve struggled with it this week, too.

I keep reliving the memories — swimming in the lake, riding on the jet ski, going to Glacier National Park, fireworks, hiking, taking walks in the woods, exploring Western Montana, and eating on the deck for just about every meal.

I get lost in my head far too often.

So I have been using this little “hack” for the last few days that’s been working for me.

Ironically, it’s a song from a famous rapper — Drake.

He put out a song years ago called God’s Plan. 

When those negative thoughts run through my head, I stop myself and repeat: God’s Plan. 

When happy thoughts run through my head, I repeat to myself: God’s Plan. 

For example:

I got home from the gym around 11:00 pm on Monday.

I pulled into the garage.

Grabbed my phone.

And ran into the street.

When I looked up, I saw this;

The neighbors Grand Finale.

Perfect timing.

I looked up in the sky, and whispered, “God’s Plan“.

Not trying to push religion on you or anything, just sharing what’s been helping me out.

During the good times, and bad times.

The happy times, and sad times.

Give it a shot, and maybe it’ll work for you.

That’s God’s Plan, here’s Adam’s plan…

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You sell them more stuff.

You put your bills on autopay.

You hire a personal trainer.

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You’ve got nothing to lose, {first_name}.

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