Choking down my own medicine

This might seem painfully obvious to some of you.

Adam stopping by again…

I got an Apple Watch for Christmas.

I committed to 10k steps daily for 100 consecutive days.

I made it to 104 days before ending the streak.

I was tracking my weight loss.

As I had a suspicion that walking 10k steps was the secret to shedding the 10-12 lbs that was no longer welcome on my body.

I quickly lost weight.

However, on February 21st, I woke up and decided to quit vaping, cold turkey.

Something I’d been doing for the last 4ish years.

I’ve hit a vape once since then, when a friend was in town in early April.

I noticed I started eating more.

I put back on the weight.

And then some.

My buddy Conrad texted me last week that he started this 21 day weight loss challenge.

I missed the cutoff, but he shared the app he uses to track his meals/macros.

I downloaded the app last Tuesday.

I’ve been tracking every piece of food I put in my mouth (it’s so much easier than it sounds).

Last Tuesday, I weighed 189.0 lbs (fucking gross, I know)

Today, I clocked in at 185.4.

Down 3.6 lbs in 8 days.

What do you know…

When you track what you put in your body…it makes a difference!

Here’s the thing…

I really haven’t given up much.

On Saturday, I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Vegas and got a California Burrito.

The restaurant was next to Crumbl, a mouth-watering, cookie place. I describe the cookies as “orgasmic” 😜

I had “room for calories” and got myself a cookie, too.

On Sunday, I had dinner with my folks, where I ate a quesadilla and two pieces of pizza.

I was able to eat those things, as I planned ahead.

I skip breakfast as I fast for 17 hours.

I had a light lunch.

Why do I share this?

I yap about this often, but even I forget.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. 

This doesn’t just apply to slashing unwanted weight, but works with business, fitness, relationships, sales, finances, investing and improving any skill.

I have spreadsheets to track my YouTube stats, Facebook ads performance & daily leads/sales.

I print out my “Weekly Action Plan” on Mondays and track how I do with an ink pen.

I track if the kids and I go to the park.

I track the days I read them a bedtime story.

I track if I read, meditate, and journal daily.

I track if I drink a green smoothie daily.

I track if I get 30 minutes of sunlight a day.

If you’re not measuring what you’re doing, how do you know if you’re improving?

You don’t have to take it to the extreme like I do, but recommend you start tracking if you’re not doing so already.

This is a giant reminder to start tracking the areas you’re looking to improve.


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