I wrote this email yesterday, and never hit send. 

I have a confession to make.

I did ZERO work the last 4 days.

This wasn’t planned.

It just happened.

I brought my laptop to Sedona.

Never turned it on.

We were busy hiking, site seeing and enjoying this absolute gem in the desert.

Here’s a church in a mountain;


What a beautiful part of the country.


As entrepreneurs, we’re our own worst critic.

We beat ourselves up for not knocking out our to-do list each day (your list should NOT be longer than 3 – 5 items, BTW).

We feel guilty for taking a vacation, or a weekend trip, or watching TV, or doing anything away from the computer.

This is a trap I fell into for years.

I never vacationed.

Rarely watched TV (still don’t do much of that).

Never hung out with friends, as I was busy working.

Like I said, I brought my laptop and planned on doing a bit of work last weekend.

But I didn’t.

I am 100% ok with that.

And I don’t want you to beat yourself up for taking time away from the computer.

I am anti-hustle your face off all hours of the day/night/weekend/forever.

I am all about efficient work.

Getting the most out of your work with as little work as possible.

At 40, I’ve learned that life moves F-A-S-T.

It’s not all about work.

Or putting out non-stop content.

We do this stuff, so we can enjoy time with our families.

We sometimes forget that.

So this is your reminder.

To enjoy yourself (and family) more often.
Impact Over Income,

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I’m sending this email with it.