COVID didn’t stop him

What a week…

Ashton turns 6 today.

My birthday is Sunday.

Amanda & I are going to Sedona tomorrow for a weekend getaway.

Very little work was done this week.

Although, I’ve been much more active on Instagram this week (connect with me here)

Earlier this week, I held the Dadpreneur Challenge workshop.

Where I taught how to write and publish an ebook in 48 hours.

The “carrot on the stick” is if you complete the challenge, I will be your first customer.

This is a challenge we host in the Dadpreneur Freedom membership as well.

Nathan posted this in the group this morning;

As you can see, he didn’t complete it within the 48 hour window.

However, he got it done.

His first info product is LIVE on the internet.

Nathan and his family have lived in Colombia for the last several years.

They just moved back to the states (Florida), as his daughter as medical issues, and the medical treatment here in the states is far superior.

As they were getting ready to move, Nathan came down with COV-ID.

One of his kids got it, too.

They had to stay in Colombia, while the rest of the family headed to the states.

To say it’s been a rough several weeks/months for Nathan, would be an understatement.

We chatted earlier this week, and everyone is now in Florida.

They went to Ikea Tuesday, and are getting settled in.

Life handed Nathan shit sandwich after shit sandwich.

That didn’t stop him.

He still took the time to write and publish his book, and I happily grabbed myself a copy.

He didn’t use his unfortunate circumstances as an excuse.

Sure, it wasn’t completed when he planned to complete it, BUT HE DID THE WORK AND FINISHED WHAT HE STARTED!

Life is going to throw you curveball after curveball.

We ALL have things unexpectedly pop up.

Are you going to let those things slow you down, or worse, stop you?

Or are you going to handle things like Nathan did?

It’s simply a choice.

Choose wisely.

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