How This Dadpreneur Earns $300,000 a Year from YouTube — Part Time!!

This is a guy I have been following for the last couple years.

I stumbled upon his YouTube channel in late 2017, I believe.

His name is Jason Wardop, and he owns a multi-million dollar software company. He has roughly 10 employees, who all work remotely. Some here on the states, and some overseas.

Several years ago, he launched a YouTube channel to teach his clients how to effectively use digital marketing to grow their real estate busienss.

The YouTube channel caught fire, and grew quite rapidly.

When he started his channel, he challenged himself to produce 100 videos in 100 days. I tried the same idea in July of 2018 (got the idea form Jason), but burned myself out around video #54. I know the challenge of something like that, and tip my hat for him committing to it.

No easy task, but a great way to show YouTube (and his audience) he was committed to building something extremely valuable. Consistency is one the absolute best ways to build trust in the online space.

Jason earns roughly $25,000 each month from his channel selling digital online training programs.

He earns anywhere form $7,000 – $9,000 per month from ad revenue, paid to him directly form YouTube.

He also earns anywhere form $3,000 – $4,000 per month from affiliate commissions, as he recommends other software and products on his channel.

Not too bad for a 30-year old Dad, who recently moved to Arizona. Him and his wife have a summer home in Northern Utah.

A few weeks back, I reached out to Jason to see if he would be open to doing an interview about his online journey. He graciously said yes.

In the interview, you will discover;

  • How Jason is on pace to generate multiple millions of dollars working only 25 hours per week!
  • The “shockingly simple” advice he’d give himself if starting over
  • The ONE book he read on his honeymoon that caused a radical shift and catapulted him to generating millions online.
  • Why he believes entrepreneurship is 100% mental.
  • How (and why) he plateaued at $25,000 a month and what he did to blow past that limiting belief.
  • The one daily habit that allows him to believe he can achieve anything.
  • Why he does the same webinar (live) each & every week instead of automating it

And much, much more…

This was a really fun interview, and Jason was kind enough to share some key pointers on how to grow my YouTube channel.

I implemented some of his advice on a landing page of mine, and increased conversions from 26.9% to a 44.4%! An increase of 65.1%.

The interview is below:

As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please post them in the comments below.