Do you accept the challenge?

Ava’s last day of school was yesterday, as she attended summer school.

So both kids are home today.

We just got finished with a wrestling match on my bed.

My schedule today is going to be a lot of Old Maid, Go Fish and Jenga.

Very little work, with the exception of this email.

I get to do this.

Beyond grateful.


In June, I challenged myself to meditate for 30 days.

I’m happy to report I completed the challenge — not missing a single day.

Meditating is now a habit of mine, it’s part of my daily routine.

One of the cool things about these 30-day challenges  it builds strong, healthy habits.

In Dadpreneur Freedom, we’re kicking off July with a Gratitude Challenge.

I just posted my 3 things I’m grateful for in the Facebook group.

The goal is to get these fellow Dadpreneurs to develop a habit of practicing gratitude daily.

This single exercise alone has the potential to radically shift your mindset for the better. I guarantee it.

So I challenge you to practice gratitude every day this month.

Write out 3 things.

Try not to repeat anything.

It’s a challenging exercise, but beyond worth it.

For you fellow Dads who might need some accountability, join Dadpreneur Freedom at the link below

Join Dadpreneur Freedom here

Not only will we hold you accountable, but we’ll help, teach, guide and support you on your journey.

You’ll also get some “virtual ass kicking” from yours truly.

I don’t tolerate excuses, so if that scares you, DF ain’t for you.