Do you have a hard time celebrating your wins?

I struggled with my decision.

Tossing & turning till after midnight.

Christmas was 104 days ago.

One of my presents was an Apple Watch.

I challenged myself to walking 10,000 steps a day for 100 consecutive days.

One million steps.

Roughly 450 miles.

I completed the challenge on Sunday.

And struggled with stopping as I’d “break my streak”

On Wednesday, I went to bed with 8,200 steps.

The clock ticked 11:49.

My mind started racing.

“I can’t quit now, can I?”

“What would it feel like to not have to walk 10k steps tomorrow?”

“Do I leap out of bed and run around the block to get my 10k steps in?”

I decided to go with my gut.

The challenge was over.

102 consecutive days of at least 10k steps.

Yet, I woke up yesterday with a smidge of disappointment that I “quit”

A reminder to celebrate your wins.

Big or small, a win is a win.

Pat yourself on the back.

Give yourself  more credit.

Drop the guilt.

The battle with my mind continues on.

And proves to be the biggest challenge of all.


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