Does it feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill in a blizzard?

A valuable lesson that took me 4 – 5 years to learn.

You can avoid a heap ton of pain, struggle and shame with this one email.

Adam stopping by again…

When I got into the entrepreneurial game back in 2010.

I spent…ahem, wasted, truckloads of time trying to convince people (usually to buy my services)

It was like pushing a boulder uphill.

In the middle of a blizzard.

And you’re barefoot.

With no shirt on.

And one glove.

And the wind is whipping around at 30 mph.

That’s what it’s like trying to convince someone. To do anything.

People waste an absurd amount of time on people who are just not interested in whatever it is they’re offering.

This applies to dating and personal relationships, too.

There are 7 BILLION people in the world.

Go find your people.


I say all that, and here is my message where I try to convince you Tik Tok ain’t just a place for tweens to twerk to the latest Drake track.

Kat Norton, who goes by Miss Excel on Tik Tok, teaches people how to use Microsoft Excel. She does multiple six figures per month, and actually had a six figure day.

Greg Landstaff is a career coach who earns between $12k – $14k per month selling low-priced digital downloads.

Scott (not sure his last name) goes by That Mortgage Guy on Tik Tok, earned a million dollars in commissions, as in that’s what he brought home in 2021.

These are just a few examples.

Your audience is on Tik Tok, I promise.

If it’s something you’ve been wanting to try out, I have something that’ll help you.

A 30-day accountability challenge.

I email you daily for the next 30 days.

In each email, is an idea for a video.

You read the email, create the video, and post to Tik Tok.

It should not take you more than 30 minutes/day.

In 30 days, you have at least 30 videos out there building your brand.

You should generate leads by the end off the challenge.

And quite possibly put more of the green stuff in those piggybanks of yours.

You may even build some new relationships that could lead to business partnerships, podcast appearances, media, new customers/clients, etc.

You should have a habit of producing videos.

That last one is worth the $19 investment itself.

If you complete the challenge (post a daily video for 30 days), I’ll refund you the $19.

There ain’t a challenge out there like this.

This is about you taking imperfect action.

About you stepping outside your comfort zone.

About you spreading your message to the world via short form videos.

===> Start the Create30 challenge today

I’ll be rooting for you.

And providing you virtual ass kicks, when needed.

This is ongoing, so I’ve had people buy last weekend, and a couple bought this morning.

The challenge begins as soon as you make the teeny tiny investment.

No time to waste, get started today

In Your Corner,

P.S. Chris posted his FIRST Tik Tok last night. I am going to duet it (sharing it with my audience of 107k) to help spread his message.

Join the fun here


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