ELIMINATE your competition AND charge what you’re worth

Have you read Straight Line Leadership?

This is a quote I stumbled upon while reading this book (again) this morning.

For you entrepreneurs…

Here is a tip on how to make EFFORTLESS sales, and ELIMINATE your competition.

Years ago, I offered Facebook advertising services to male Keller Williams agents.

I was able to run my own ads on Facebook targeting these specific agents.

After speaking with a dozen or so of these agents, I was able to diagnose the common problems these agents faced.

I learned their language.

I learned the gripes they had with KW.

I learned the processes and expectations of KW.

This allowed me to truly understand my prospects.

This intel allowed me to truly understand their problems before I got on the phone with them.

This made selling nearly effortless.

Even for myself, who was abysmal at sales.

This allowed me to create a “Category of One” as I was the only one on the planet who specialized in Facebook advertising for male Keller Williams agents.

I had 𝐙𝐄𝐑𝐎 competition.

This allowed me to charge what I wanted.

This gave me a massive competitive advantage.

This is why you want to niche down.

This is why you want to focus on solving ONE problem for ONE specific person.

It makes everything easier.

It allows you to charge what you’re worth.

It virtually eliminates your competition.

This is how to “Be the only one who does what you do