Faceless man banks six figures on Twitter

Have you noticed?

This week I have sent a couple of emails revolving around SIMPLICITY.

It reminds me of one of my all time favorite quote from Steve Jobs;

“Focus and simplicity…once you get there, you can move mountains”

Earlier this week, I came across a tweet.

It stopped my thumb in its tracks.

I took a screenshot and sent it to my buddy, Conrad.

Here it is;

He earns five figures from Twitter alone.

All the tools he listed are F-R-E-E.

No fancy funnel software.

Tools available to you right now.

Up until a week ago, he never revealed his face.

His name is unknown.

English isn’t his native language.

He’s made six figures without showing his face, revealing his name and free tools.

Your excuses are not valid in this corner of the internet.

This is the greatest time to be alive.

Opportunity is EVERYWHERE.

How does he earn his money?

He sells ebooks.

He’s built a nice business selling ebooks on a variety of topics.

There’s no reason you can’t do the same.

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