Feel alone?

This isn’t talked about enough.

Loneliness as an entrepreneur.

This can be an incredibly lonely game.

Yesterday, I came across a post in a Facebook group.

It was Dad who’s currently working in his family business with two other family members (a couple siblings, I believe).

They work 10-12 hours per day.

7 days a week.

He’s married with two kids.

I could feel his pain in his post.

It was sad to read.

Here is part of the post…

What stuck out to me was the support from the community.

He received 29 comments on this post, which he was incredibly grateful for.

I spent some time (probably 20 minutes) leaving him a thoughtful comment with my $0.02.

He’s in a tough spot, working in a family business.

I imagine he feels obligated to.

Pouring gas on the fire, he said he’s not making much money for the hours he’s putting in.

This post was in the Legendary Marketer Facebook group.

Having a community of people in your corner is such a cheat code in the world of business.

Surrounding yourself with people who;

  • Lift people up
  • Cheer people on
  • Build other people up
  • Acknowledge accomplishments — no matter how small 

It’s very likely your family/friends are going to be filled with doubts about it.

They’ll try to talk you out of it (my Mom did it for years)

After speaking with several of you over the last few weeks, having a supportive community to lift you up could be that one thing you’re looking for.

You get access to this wonderful community, and a lot more for $7.

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Impact Over Income,

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