[FF] Friday Fails #2: Hello Alanis Morissette?!

This is a new series I am starting where I reveal 3 fails from this past week.

It was an idea I got from another entrepreneur.

These fails will be around life, business, family, parenting, mindset, health, etc.

I am doing this to show you that it’s ok (and completely normal) to fail.

Far too many are terrified of the fear of failing that it paralyzes them.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to go after the life you desire and not let anything (fear, doubt, excuses, imposter syndrome, limited mindset, etc) hold you back.

Fail #1 – How Ironic…Hello Alanis Morissette?!

Last week, I was in the middle of a launch, so I skipped it.

I sent out this first edition of Friday Fails two weeks ago.

I recently set up a new email address, as I was having some deliverability issues with my previous email address.

I sent out the email and asked for feedback.

I had a few friends reach out letting me know that their email reply was getting kicked back.

Apparently, I did not set up the new email address properly.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not good with tech stuff.

This made me look stupid.

Please reply with your thoughts to this email. Except you can’t because I didn’t set up my email right. #FAIL

How ironic.

Fail #2 – Launch Expectations

Last week I launched Dadpreneur Freedom to my email list.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s launches typically fall short of expectations.

This time, I sent out a lot of emails (something I have not done in the past)

Over the course of 6 days, I believe I sent 17 or 18 emails.

However, this training is designed specifically for Dads.

One Mom bought, who I refunded.

There were a number of other women/non-Dads ask if they could buy.

I politely told them this is for Dads ONLY.

How many Dads are on my email list?

I’d guesstimate 25% – 30%.

So this offer was relevant to a quarter or so of my email list.

This makes it difficult to gauge how the launch did, as I’ve had several ask about it.

The fail is that I need to do a better job of publishing the right content for the right people online.

It’s quite obvious when looking back on it now.

Fail #3 – Vacation Blues

On July 8th, the family (all four of us) are going to Montana to visit Amanda’s family (the kids’ mom).

We’re staying with her Mom and grandma in a cabin on a lake.

She and I broke up three years ago.

Since January, her and I have been trying to work things out.

We’re staying in Montana for two weeks, which almost seems like an eternity.

Typically, leading up to a vacation you feel joy, happiness and excitement.

Not me.

I’ve been stressed, nervous and filled with anxiety.

It’s a long time to be spending with family.

I’m trying to schedule my YouTube videos to get out for those two weeks ahead of time.

I know little work will be done while there, which is the point.

Not to worry, I’ll be emailing while there.

I am excited, however the doubt is clouding that excitement, so that’s why I call it a fail.

Those are three of my many fails this week.

Every Friday I’ll send out my Friday Fails where I reveal 2-3 fails that happened that week.

Would love your feedback on this email series idea.

Did you find it helpful?

Reply and share your thoughts with me.

And yes, the email works now.