[FF] Friday Fails #4: What the Fu*k are you waiting for

Every Friday, I send out an email revealing my fails of the week.

These fails will be around life, business, family, parenting, mindset, health, etc.

I am doing this to show you that it’s ok (and completely normal) to fail.

It WILL happen, I promise you that.

And that’s 100% ok.

How you handle the failure is what truly matters.

These emails are to inspire you to go after the life you desire and not let anything (fear, doubt, excuses, imposter syndrome, limited mindset, etc) hold you back.

Fail #1 – Do More of What You Enjoy

It sounds so simple, so obvious.

I love writing.

And I got away from it for a while.

I wasn’t doing it daily.

You’ve likely noticed I’ve been emailing more frequently.

I truly do enjoy writing these emails and sharing my thoughts/lessons/ideas/dreams with you.

It gives me energy.

I feel good every time I click send. 

It fuels me.

I wake up, I read for 20 minutes, journal for 30, then write this email.

It’s part of my routine.

One of the most important factors in business is consistently communicating with your audience.

Whether that’s email, a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, posting on social, picking up the phone, or writing letters. You need to be doing this consistently.

Pick the one you enjoy and do it consistently.

This is 80% of the battle.

Fail #2 – What the Fuck Are You Waiting For? 

In August 2016, I started a Facebook group called Dadpreneur Freedom.

Yes, nearly 5 years ago now.

I managed it for 12-15 months, before I got lazy, and it died off.

I had envisioned a paid membership.

A top-rated podcast.

A blog read by millions.

A thriving community of Dadpreneurs.

Yearly retreats where we meet with our families in a tropical location.

We’d do business stuff with the Dadpreneurs during the day, and family activities together in the evenings.

That was all a dream until last month.

I finally launched the membership.

The podcast goes live next week.

The yearly retreats? That’s certainly on the roadmap.

Why did I wait 5 years?

I have no fucking clue.

Lazy and scared are the two things that immediately come to mind.

I’m kicking myself for waiting for the perfect time.

So if you have an idea, a goal, a dream, a vision….start executing TODAY!

Don’t wait around like my dumbass.

Every day, start taking steps towards that idea/goal/dream/vision.

Life’s short.

It makes zero sense to live a boring, unfulfilled life.

Speaking of that…

If you’re a Dadpreneur looking for guidance, support, training, inspiration and virtual ass kicking, Dadpreneur Freedom is what you need.

You can join us here

That’s all I got today.

My parents just picked up the kids and I have a couple of YouTube videos to film, as we leave for Montana next Thursday.