Hack to Stop Fear of Judgement in it’s Tracks

Been using this the last couple of weeks.

And it’s been working quite well.

Adam stopping by again.

I hired a business coach last fall.

A colossal waste of time/money/energy.

In desperation mode, I hired another coach just a few short weeks later.

He wasn’t much better, as he let go of his entire staff within 30 days, as he couldn’t afford them anymore. He rebranded as a “spiritual coach”.

However, this guy did have me do one exercise that was beneficial.

He had me list out things I wanted.

And get very specific with it.

One of those is taking the kids to Disney World this Christmas.

He had me do the research and price out the entire vacation.


That’s a 7-day stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, park tickets and flights.

Here’s why this matters to you…

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been distributing my Tik Tok videos around the interwebs.

Admittedly, I struggle to post them on my personal Facebook profile.

Fear of judgement.

It’s a motherfucker, isn’t it?

I yap about this often, as I find roughly 92.3% of people prevent them from living the life they desire.

I ain’t invisible.

So my hack for this has been thinking about the trip to Disney World…

I visualize looking out our hotel room (here’s an ACTUAL picture);

I picture us here, and…

Riding Space Mountain.

Spinning on the teacups.

Feasting on elephant ears.

Visiting with Mickey & Minnie.

Sliding down the waterslides at Typhoon Lagoon.

This makes me smile.

And then I post the videos on Facebook with very little hesitation.

This hack has really helped me overcome the fucked up shit in my head.

Give this one try, and let me know how it works out for you.


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