10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs for 2020

Is there money to be made with health supplement affiliate programs?

My answer to that question is best summed up with a GIF;

There are a plethora of health supplement offers online and you want to look for ones with higher commissions.

This is a booming industry that’ll only continue to grow. I don’t see this industry ever slowing down, only getting bigger — that’s what she said!

Here are the top 10 best health supplement affiliate programs you can consider to make money with.

1. New Vitality

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs

New Vitality offers supplement products for its customers and marketers to live a healthy and better life. They are the #1 source for nutritional health supplements.

Their company motto is;

Helping People Live Longer and Look Younger

They adopted this motto as it encompasses the core value commitments they want to communicate to their customers.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you could promote quality products like those offered by New Vitality.

New Vitality products are expensive, and in high demand. This is wonderful news for you, the affiliate. New Vitality’s average order value is $98 per sale, so you could earn about $15 per sale, on average. You get access to display ads, text links, their product feed and tracking tools. They have dedicated affiliate managers available to answer any questions you have.

As an affiliate, you also get access to exclusive offers, codes and increased commissions for select ads.

Here are the affiliate details for New Vitality;

2. Persona Nutrition

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs1

Persona Nutrition, the next generation vitamin subscription service, helps consumers take the guesswork out of the dietary supplement aisle by using Natural Intelligence™ to deliver personalized nutrition safely and conveniently.

Persona Nutrition uses thousands of personalized inputs to recommend supplements that meet individual needs and lifestyle habits.

The affiliate programs helps donate a full year supply of vitamins to children when one places an order of the Vitamin Packs. They partnered with FlexOffers and Rakuten to manage their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you get access to rich content with banner ads, text links, and selling support. Persona Nutrition offers bonuses and special offers to reward them for their hard work.

Here are the affiliate details for Persona Nutrition;

3. Rainbow Light

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs2

Rainbow Light creates food-based supplements that increase energy and helps with digestion. They have the #1 selling natural women’s, prenatal, and men’s multivitamin formulas.

As an affiliate, you gain access to creative banner ads, text links, and tracking tools, which can help boost your sales. Their average order value is $70. Their affiliate program comes with a 15% commission and a 45 day cookie.

Here are the affiliate details for Rainbow Light’s;

4. A1 Supplements

A1 supplements is an online supplement company specializing in sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements. They carry a variety of nutritional supplements, in addition to a plenty of protein powders to choose from. Their online store allows them to cut of the middleman, and sell directly to the public at wholesale prices.

Their affiliate program is managed both by Commission Junction (CJ) and ShareASale. They offer a 10% commission rate, and a 30 day cookie length.

Here are the affiliate details for A1 Supplements;

5. e-Vitamins

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs4

e-Vitamins offers the best overall affiliate marketing value with a supply of over 25,000 products ranging from beauty, natural food products, and health supplements. They credit a lot of thier success to word of mouth from their satisfied customers.

The company has its in-house affiliate program, which is one of the best supplement affiliate programs. As an affiliate, you earn commissions on repeat customers during the duration of the cookie life. eVitamins works with their affiliates to personally guide them along the journey.

They pay their affiliates 8% commission for new customers and 4% for repeat customers and a 45 day cookie length.

Here are the affiliate details for e-Vitamins;

6. Pure Prescription

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs5

Pure Prescription is family-owned business that started in 2001. They handpick their vitamins, and have the highest quality of ingredients.

They concentrate on high-grade ingredients that boost overall health. Their products offer a 100% money-back guarantee

Their affiliate program is managed through Pepperjam. As an affiliate, you get access to engaging banner ads, coupons, custom ads, and text links. You, as the affiliate, also get access to to their data feed, tracking tools, and a list of keywords to promote their products using PPC advertising.

Here are the affiliate details for Pure Prescription;

7. HerbsPro

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs6

HerbsPro is an online health store that offers top brands of vitamins and supplements.  They also sell organic groceries, beauty products, and pet products which meet FDA recommendations. Their products are shipped right from their warehouse, unlike many of their competitors.

Affiliates can join thier affiliate program via Commission Junction, ShareASale or Pepperjam. As an affiliate, you gain access to high converting banners, custom banners, text links, and coupons. Their site converts very well, and there is no limit to the pages you can link.

Here are the affiliate details for HerbsPro;

8. Vitagene

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs

Vitagene is the world’s fastest growing precision health platform. Developed by leading doctors and researchers in the fields of genetics and nutrition, the Vitagene program has enabled people to make more informed and effective decisions about their diet, exercise, and supplementation than ever before.

Their products are developed by doctors and researchers. Their supplements meet the gaps in everyday diet plans, and they are suitable for supplementation and exercise decisions. The DNA tests on their products offer their customers the ability to make informed decisions based on their short and long-term wellness goals.

Vitagene offers the best supplement affiliate programs. As an affiliate, you gain access to professionally designed banner ads, reporting tools, text links, and monthly commission payouts. They also provide their affiliates with placement opportunities and special promotions upon request.

Here are the affiliate details for Vitagene;

9. The Vitamin Shoppe

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs1

The Vitamin Shoppe is one of the most reputable supplement companies on the planet with 780 stores across the country. With a known brand like The Vitamin Shoppe, you can expect higherc conversion rates. Which translates to more money in your piggybanks.

Here are the affiliate details for The Vitamin Shoppe;

10. Purity Products

10 Health Supplement Affiliate Programs2

Purity Products offers science-based nutritional supplements. They offer high quality evidence based nutritional supplements directly to their customers. Purity Products are dedicated to honest, quality, and good health, as well as a civil responsibility.

Their affiliate program is hosted on Pepperjam. As an affiliate, you gain access to custom display ads, vanity codes, and reliable product feeds. They have affiliates managers that you can reach out to anytime with any questions.

You might attract consumers who are keen on what they eat and those keen on making healthier choices.  You can use Pepperjam to manage your affiliate programs on Purity Products.

Here are the affiliate details for Purity Products;

Wrapping It Up – Health Supplement Affiliate Programs

There are literally hundreds of health supplement affiliate programs online that you can promote. These are just 10 of them that you can get started with right away.

The more popular companies tend to offer a lower commission rate, however, they should convert better since they’re a well known brand. Please take this into consideration when choocing which company you’re want to be an affiliate for.

The demand for supplements isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…most likely, never. There is so much opportunity, go out and grab your piece of the pie!

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