Here’s proof your knowledge can change lives

I want to prove that you have experiences that can truly be life changing (and worth Scrooge McDuck type of money).

Adam stopping by again…

You have knowledge, wisdom and/or experiences that can save someone;

  • Time
  • Guilt
  • Stress
  • Shame
  • Money
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Humiliation
  • Embarrassment
  • And frequent trips to the liquor store 😜

It could be something small (teaching someone how to use Microsoft Excel) or it could be something life-changing (saving a marriage).

It’s your duty to help these people.

There are thousands of people who would pay good money for a solution to a problem they’re currently facing that you know how to solve!

Some would be willing to pay 4 – 5 figures for the knowledge you possess.

Your knowledge helps them condense time.

Imagine this…

Let’s say you went through a brutal divorce.

It took three years to get “back on your feet”

In those three years, there were times when you were suicidal, drank to oblivion, and put on an excess of 40 lbs because of this, along with a piss poor diet and the only exercise you got was walking from the couch to the fridge to grab yourself another Budweiser.

You wouldn’t wish these dark days on your worst enemy.

If you could rewind the hands of time, you’d tell yourself….(this is the content you share on social media)

Obviously, this is a drastic case.

This is also something that thousands of men and women face all over the world on a daily basis.

You could be that leader.

You could provide that spark.

You could guide them to a new, better (much healthier) life.

You could prevent them from going down that dark, suicidal ridden, three year path.

That’s the power of sharing your story on the World Wide Web.

You have the power to impact, influence and help thousands of others for F-R-E-E.

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You’ll discover how to turn your knowledge, experiences, wisdom into $10 – $5,800+ sales.

Your ebook acts as a “seed”.

It’s the gateway into your eco-system, meaning if they get value from it (they will!), they’ll likely want more from you.

To motivate you to take massive action, I’ll do something that very few people would do…

I’ll personally BUY a copy of your ebook if you write it and publish it in 48 hours!.

Yes, I’ll be your FIRST customer.

This will help you to slash procrastination and give you the necessary confidence to get things done, and get started as soon as possible!

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In Your Corner,

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I think my daddy’s gone cRaZy” – Ava, my 8 year old daughter

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