How I turned a Facebook post into $17,187.01 in 30 days

Here’s PROOF how documenting your journey can put more of the green stuff in your piggybanks.

AND can lead to some incredible (profitable) partnerships.

Adam stopping by again…

A few years ago, I launched a Shopify store.

In June, I made about $250.

July was about $2,200 in sales.

And August I did $15,000+.

I was posting about my journey on the Facebooks (if you’re not sharing your journey on social media with whatever you’re doing, I’d start yesterday!)

People were asking me how. 

Since I’m a man of the people, I sat down and wrote out a 6-page guide (lead magnet) outlining the steps I took.

I made a post about it on FB with a link to my landing page.

I honestly expected 3 – 5 opt ins.

What happened next shocked me (in a good way). 

A big marketer who I had been following for years shared in on his FB wall.

I ended up getting 502 leads!

However, I had nothing for sale.

These leads were blowing up my inbox;

Where’s the course?

Do you sell a course?

Do you offer coaching?

Teach me, please!

I’ll name my firstborn Adam, if you show me the way. 

Ok, maybe that last one was made up, but you get my point.

These people had fist fulls of cash and were trying to throw their money at me.


I had nothing for sale.



Short story long:

This marketer shot me a DM looking for coaching.

I coached him for 30 days (free).

I looked up to this guy, so just working with him was enough for me.

He ended up crossing $10,000 in sales in his first month.

He told me I needed to put together a course, and he’d promote it to his list.

I spent a few weeks outlining the course, recording the videos, and I priced it at $97.

He and I were going to split the sales 50/50, as this was his “payment” for the coaching I offered him.

He predicted about 30 sales, which I was cool with. That would mean about $1,500 each (minus payment processor fees).


Here’s the screenshot of my payment processor;

Him and I ended up doing 141 sales!

I had 40 additional sales from my list and other affiliates.

The screenshot above is from a 30-day window.

I put $8,003.35 in my piggybanks in 30 days.

I got a taste of what selling a digital product was like.

My life was forever transformed.

I was used to eCommerce where margins were in the 18% – 22% range, meaning I would keep about $0.20 out of every dollar.

With digital products, you typically keep about 95% of your money (3% – 5% payment processor fees).

In the example above, I had affiliates (optional), so I had to pay them their 50%.

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In your corner,

P.S. Next Tuesday, I’m hosting a LIVE workshop: The 48 Hour eBook Challenge

If you write and publish your ebook within 48 hours, I will be your FIRST paying customer.

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