How this iconic burger can make your wallet fatter

I think we could all agree on this…

Building trust with your market is an important part of putting more of the green stuff in your piggybanks, right?

One of the key elements in building trust is repetition.

You might have noticed, I do this OFTEN, with messages like…

  • Create content. Make offers.
  • Business is simple, not easy.
  • Make more offers.
  • Passive income is a fucking lie
  • Business is 90% mindset and 10% strategy/tactic/luck

And on and on.

McDonalds introduced the Big Mac to the world in 1967 — 54 years ago!

If you have the TV on longer than 37 seconds, you’ll likely see an ad for Mickey Ds showcasing the Big Mac.

It’s been around for more than half a century, and they STILL advertise it everywhere.

Same goes for your business.

You need to be doing the same with your offerings. Always promoting your solution to your market’s problem.

But Adam, I don’t want to be too salesy!

This is a common objection I hear.

If you truly have a solution for someone’s problem you have a moral obligation to let them know about it.

You’re doing them a disservice by not making the offer.

For the fellow Dadpreneurs who need teaching, guidance and accountability, Dadpreneur Freedom is the medicine I got for you (no gagging when taking it down either).

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Impact Over Income,

P.S. Make MORE offers.

This has been a theme of mine this month, for good reason. I see so many struggle with online  business, and it’s because they’re not asking for the sale.

It seems so painfully obvious, but most are terrified of putting themselves out there.

Get over that fear, if you truly want to live the life you desire.