How to Boost Organic Reach on Facebook

Years ago, Facebook started restricting organic reach.

Marketers and small business owners everywhere were complaining…that a FREE platform would do such a thing.


Over the years, Facebook  has pushed the pay to play idea, which is totally understandable.

Most say their reach is about 5 – 10%.

Meaning a post would reach 5 -10% of their audience.

10% is probably on the high side, actually.

There are ways you can hack the algorithm, getting more of your audience to see your content.

Facebook frowns upon posts with links, as they want to keep people on their platform.

Posting a YouTube link is like ordering a Big Mac at Pizza Hut, not a good idea.

However, text/images posts work well, and you can use these to hack the algorithm.

A page of mine, Total Dads, consistently sees 100%+ reach on my page.

To be fair, this is not my entire audience.

It’s a smaller page with about 850 fans, but my posts often times reach 1,000+ people.

If someone shares a post, they are showing it to people in their feed, so technically it’s not my audience. They certainly could be my ideal target market, which is Dads.

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Here is a screenshot for the last 10 days on the Total Dads page:



As you can see, I post quite frequently — 4 – 6 times per day.

Like with anything else worthwhile in life, it all comes down to consistency.

I understand you likely don’t have the time to be posting and scheduling this type of content. I use a piece of software that automates the process. This software will allow you to schedule a month’s worth of content in 15 – 20 minutes.

You can test out the software FREE for 7 days at the link below:

Build, Grown & Monetize Facebook Pages

Over the weekend, I recorded a video diving into 3 of my Facebook pages, and how I’m ethically hacking the Facebook algorithm.

You’ll also see how I am using FP Traffic with this website,a nd how you can do the same, if you’re producing content on your site.

Click the video below:

As always, if you have questions, please post them below.