How to Build a Wildly Profitable Business Working 50 Minutes per Day

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It sounds absurd, but it’s absolutely possible.

In this episode, I will reveal my M5 framework for building a wildly profitable online business. This is my twist on Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing program from the late 90s. Dan said marketing revolved around your Market, Message & Media.

In 2021, things have changed (just a bit), and I added two more Ms, giving you the M5 framework.

This is the foundation of any online business, and needed to explain that before you can achieve a 50-minute work day.

You’ll also discover the new most important actives that you need to be focusing on when building an online business. You’ll discover why I am a big fan of less is more, especially when it comes to online business.

Launch Your Sales Funnel in 60 Minutes

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