How to Download Instagram Photos on PC

How to Download Instagram Photos on PC

Just a few short weeks ago, what I did to download content for Instagram was time consuming.

Quite embarrassing how much work I did.

If I saw something I liked on IG, I would snap a screenshot of it on my phone. I would then open up my photo editor and crop the image. Save it my my files, open IG, write a caption and post it on IG.

As you can imagine, I dreaded doing all that for one post.

I then had the brilliant idea to do to Google to find a piece of software to do it for me.

To my surprise, I found a FREE tool that allows me to download one or 371 images from IG with a click of a button when on my desktop computer.

Last week, I recorded a video of the tool and how I am using it.

I also share my Instagram posting strategy and how I find these images, download them and schedule a week’s worth of content in about 15 minutes each week.

You’ll see the FREE Instagram engagement calculator tool that I use, which is helpful if you’re doing any Instagram shoutouts.

You’ll also see the Instagram hashtag generator, as well as the social media scheduler I use.