How to fail at almost everything and still win BIG

This is a book I started reading a few days ago.

The author is Scott Adams, the guy who created the Dilbert cartoon.

I just realized the cartoonist is worth $75 MILLION!

Apparently, big money in the ability to draw cartoons.

I had no idea.


In the book, he believes there are two types of people; Simplifiers and Optimizers.

simplifier prefers the easy way to accomplish a task, while knowing that some amount of extra effort might have produced a better outcome.

An optimizer looks for the very best solution even if the extra complexity increases the odds of unexpected problems.

For the last 10 months, I have been using Kartra as my all-in-one marketing tool.

It’s a beast of a tool that truly does it all.

It gave me peace of mind having everything under one roof. 

However, it’s anything but simple.

And did cause me frustration as it took 57 clicks to send an email.

I’m a simplifier. 

The problem with those all-in-one tools are they are quite robust.

A lot of moving parts.

Moving parts = Complexity

A couple of weeks ago, I started moving my sales/funnel pages to Optimize Press. The first funnel building tool I used back in 2014ish. A funnel building software built on WordPress. A much simpler, faster tool to use.

You do need to be familiar with Wordpress, which is not for everyone.

However, I’ve been using WordPress since 2010, so I have a decent grasp on it.

I could likely optimize better (and earn more money) with Kartra, but there is a cost…

Time and complexity. 

It’s funny, since getting more active on Twitter

Some of those entrepreneurs have inspired (and reminded me) that simple is the way.

For me.

That’s what I prefer.

You might be different, and that’s perfectly fine.

Which leads me to this…

There is no:

Best funnel builder.

Best email provider.

Best website builder.

Best business model.

Best social media platform to leverage.

Best time to post on said social media platform.

Everything works.

What works for you, might not work for me.

And vice versa.

Find what works for YOU.

That’s what matters.