How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Truth be told, I have not spent much time leveraging any of the Facebook pages I have.

Years ago, Facebook restricted organic reach, and wanted us to pay to play.

Which I am totally fine with, at it’s a free platform. This is something many complained about (some still do),

Over the last couple weeks, I have been running a couple of Facebook campaigns to generate likes.

Now, most YouTubers will show you how to generate likes for a penny or two, with some of them generating likes for less than a penny.

The truth is, these people are targeting third world countries where the traffic is much cheaper.

These likes are not going to buy your product or service, and serve very little purpose. The only purpose is for your page to appear to be much larger than it is. There is some value to that, as many people will judge the legitimacy of a page by the number of likes it has.

I most certainly have done that, and know others do it as well.

I wanted to run a couple campaigns targeting my actual target market, of people who live in the United States.

One campaign is targeting U.S. based nurses.

The other is targeting Dads who live in the U.S.

The other day, I recorded a video outlining the entire strategy in step-by-step details.

You’ll see the ad targeting, the ad copy, the images I used, and why I always test 3 images (and you should too).

Here are a few of the many benefits having more Facebook page likes:

✅ Increase exposure

✅ Gather more leads

✅ Boost sales

✅ Lower your marketing expenses

✅ Build brand loyalty

✅ Increase website traffic

If you’re interested in how to get more likes on Facebook, this Facebook ads tutorial will reveal exactly how you can replicate it for yourself.

Don’t just watch the video, but implement it.

Put it to use to grow your page.

Please let me know how it turns out for you.

Here is the video: