How to Get Paid to Build Your Audience

I hopped on Tik Tok in April 2020.

We were at the beginning of the pandemic.

Many thought this was the end.

Adam stopping by again…

Back then, you could slap up just about any type of video with a titch of entertainment/value and grow to 10,000 followers in days.

It took me 19 days to hit 10k followers.

My 4th or 5th video (a six figure side hustle video) got a million views.

I thought…This Tik Tok stuff is easy for a 38 year old 😜

It was a much different game back then.

Much easier to grow an audience.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. 

Some time last year, Facebook released Reels. Their version of short form video content.

And it’s a lot like Tik Tok 2020.

I’ve been repurposing my old Tik Toks on Facebook for the last 6 weeks or so.

On Saturday, I sat at 238 followers.

This morning I was at 535.

Right now, as I write this email, I’m sitting at 587.

six figure side hustle video I posted in early May has took off the last week.

Maybe you can’t grow an audience as quick as Tik Tok 2020, but I’m seeing other marketers with 20k, 40k and even 80k followers on Facebook because of their Reels.

Not only that…

Facebook will PAY YOU for your Reels!

They have a Reels Bonus program that pays you for posting Reels. I’m not in the program, yet.

I know of one lady who earned $34,000+ in May from Reels (the cap is $35k per month)

I know several others who are earning several hundred/thousands per month posting Reels.

So Mark Zuckerberg is paying you to build your audience.

That’s a win-win.

Much better than the Tik Tok Creator fund that pays pocket change for every million views.

This is an opportunity that I wouldn’t let slip by you.

Zuckerberg doesn’t have that deep of pockets to pay us creators forever.

Ok, he likely has enough money to pay us, our kids, our grandkids, their kids and their kids.

I’m already Tesla shopping and will credit Mark for helping me purchase it.

Are you posting Reels on Facebook?

If so, what has been your experience so far?


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