How to partner with T-Pain’s former dancer (network up)

There is LITTLE downside to this. 

Infinite upside. 

Adam stopping by…

I had someone reach out about yesterday’s email. 

(If you missed it, you can check it out here)

He was asking for more help on “how to” build these online relationships. 

He’s a somewhat recent divorced Dad, so I told him to hop into single Dad Facebook groups. 

This was something I did back in 2018, and helped tremendously. 

Thousands of Dads who’d been through what I was just starting to go through. They shared stories, tips, advice, and of course many vented about their ex and the court system. 

If it’s business relationships you seek, I’d do the same thing. 

Join Facebook groups and start getting active in them.

Ask questions. 

Answer questions. 


DM some of the people you feel somewhat of a connection. 

Not on Facebook?

This applies to any social media channel. 

Get active in the comments, and start DM’nig people. 

Does someone inspire or motivate you?

Get on their email list. 

Take action on the free or paid content they put out. 

Next to cleaning out my ears after a shower….

Getting a message from someone who TOOK ACTION on your content and got results is the best feeling in the world. 

You can’t top it, as a creator. 

So do that!

This is how you get on people’s radar, and “network up”

I was on the phone with a buddy of mine a few weeks back. 

A Dadpreneur I met via Tik Tok. 

He’s based in Philadelphia. 

Last year he partnered up with a big Tik Toker (a guy who used to dance for T Pain)

My buddy bought a course of his. 

And implemented what was taught in the course. 

And shared his results in the private FB group. 

And answered other students questions, as he was having success. 

T Pain’s former dancer (the product creator) reached out to my buddy about partnering up on another project.  

They launched an online course last spring that’s went on to do over a million in sales (in about 10 months). 

I don’t know the split, but imagine my buddy got 20% – 30% of a million (and it’s still selling). 

So there is proof, that taking action can lead to big paydays AND profitable partnerships. 

Struggling with finances? Do the same.

Struggling with weight or fitness? Do the same. 

Struggling with being a people pleaser? Do the same.

There isn’t a better tool on the planet than the internet. 

Use it to your advantage!

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This is designed to be a 20 – 40 page guide, solving a specific problem for a specific person. 

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