How you can use math to stuff your piggybanks with more of the green stuff. 

A few weeks ago, I told you about a business coach who messaged me on the Facebooks.

He wanted to hire me to write emails for him.

I typically don’t do client work, but this was a unique opportunity.

I have no doubt I can add a significant amount of the green stuff to his piggybanks, and…

This guy is consistently generating $500,000 per MONTH with his coaching business.

I could learn a thing or 237 from him.

We messaged each other for the last couple of weeks.

He asked for a sample, so I sent him over a couple emails and laid out a strategy on how to have his bank account burst at the seams for the month of February.

Last week, he hired me to write 3 emails per week, for $3,000/month.

This was all handled via Facebook Messenger and a Google doc.

Not a single sales call. 

It was painless.

You do NOT need the phone to close high ticket deals! This is a myth peddled by the internet marketing community because they don’t know better.

Now, some might think….$3,000 for 12 emails? Adam…you ripped him off! 

Not so fast, my friend…

His coaching program is $7,900.

He turned on Facebook ads a few weeks ago, and is adding 15 – 20 CUSTOMERS to his list daily (he’s selling a $37 product).

This $37 product is designed to lead people to his coaching offer.

He’s currently got 5,000 email subscribers.

Let’s be ultra conservative and say 0.25% of people book an appointment via email over the first 30 days.

5,000 * 0.25% = 12.5 appointments/month.

He told me they close 40% of their appointments into the $7,900 coaching program.

12.5 * 40% = 5 new coaching clients.

5 coaching clients @ $7,900 =  $39,500.

I should be able to help him add an additional $39,500 in revenue in the next 30 days.

Now the $3,000/month doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

That’s a 1,216.67% ROI.

Not too shabby.

He’s adding new buyers to his list daily, and these are conservative estimates.

So these emails could certainly bring him in $50,000 or more in the next 30 days.

The lesson in all this:

Aim to shoot fish in a barrel.

If this guy was selling a $100 product, there ain’t no way I could charge him $3k unless he had a customer database of 10,000+.

He’s basically buying money at a discount (for every $1 he gives me, I’m generating $12 back for him).

If you’re in the B2B space, and can show how you sell money at a discount, you’ll walk around with a big ol’ happy grin on your face more often.

You don’t need two hour long sales calls where you have to “teach and convince”, get a whole lot of “let me think about it” and awkward pressure that feels awful for both parties.

You can close deals over messenger, like I did.

Use math to your advantage.