I ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie

Next to cleaning out my ears.

And getting the back of my neck shaved when getting a hair cut.

There ain’t a better feeling than this.

Adam stopping by again.

As content creators, we put ourselves out there.


We open ourselves up to intense criticism.

Hateful trolls.

And a bucket load of other things.

However, it can be quite rewarding.

Yesterday, I got this comment on a Tik Tok video of mine;

This person (not sure if it’s a man, woman or one of the 78 different genders we now have) has been watching my content.

And putting it into action.

To the tune of two 40-page ebooks in the last 30 days.


This person didn’t buy anything from me.

They just implemented what I be teaching on the Tik Toks.

They took fast, imperfect action.

And made sales.

I repeat the shockingly simple 5 step process on Tik Tok almost daily.

To hammer home the simplicity of it.

Here it be:

  1. Find a problem to solve (based on your knowledge, wisdom, experiences or skill set).
  2. Write a 20 – 40 page guide on solving that problem
  3. Create a cover on Canva (it’s F-R-E-E)
  4. Upload to Systeme.IO (or Gumroad or a Stan store). Price it at $10.
  5. Make 1 – 3 Tik Toks a day talking about the challenges your market faces, bust popular myths, share your 3/5/7 step plan, etc.

Repeat step #5.

That’s it.

The last two gentlemen who bought my 48 Hour Ebook Challenge have expressed interest in coaching from me.

This is what your ebook is designed to do.

Lead into your other products or services (if you deliver on the goods in the ebook).

No need to invest thousands into a high ticket coach (like I FOOLISHLY did TWICE last fall…that left me broken, pissed off and deeply depressed).

If you need a swift kick in the digital ass (we all do, at times)…

Take the 48 Hour Ebook Challenge.

You write and publish your ebook in 48 hours.

And I become your first paying customer!

There ain’t a guarantee like this on the internet.

I’ve searched every corner of the World Wide Web — and to my knowledge — no one has anything like this.

Either I’m a trail blazer or have lost my damn marbles.

You simply can’t lose.

Have a LIVE digital asset by THIS weekend?

When you’re ready…

Click the link below;



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