I can’t argue with the guy…can you?

My forearms are throbbing.

I went wakeboarding on Sunday.

It’s been 20 years since I’ve done that.

After 4 attempts, I finally got up.

And surfed Crystal Lake for a minute or so before falling off.

I got up again and lasted another minute or so.

It ain’t easy.

My back/shoulders are quite sore as well.

With more practice, I’ll get better.


It’s happening.

The reviews are starting to come in for the Dadpreneur Freedom Podcast.

Here’s what one guy said;

A “Content machine”, I do take that as a compliment.

I’ve been publishing content online for years, so it’s relatively easy for me.

It just comes natural.

I write and speak what’s on my mind.

That’s the big secret for my content production.

The most important part: JUST START.

Like riding a bike, kissing a girl, or wakeboarding…you get better with practice.

Check out the podcast here:


If you feel like leaving a review, I’d greatly appreciate it.

More than happy to gift you anyone of my trainings on the house.

Gotta run.

The lake is calling me.