I found my calling

It only took 14,844 days.

I volunteered to coach Ashton’s soccer team.

They’re 1st & 2nd graders that practice every Monday. No games, unfortunately.

The older kids (3rd – 5th graders) needed an assistant coach, too. They practice on Tuesdays, with games on Thursdays.

Volunteering one day turned into three days faster than Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter eggs disappear in this house.


We had our first game Thursday.

I was the guy sprinting up and down the sidelines screaming, yelling, and giving out high-fives.

7 kids on the field.

14 kids on the team.

It was challenging making sure everyone got their fair share of playing time.

We won the game 2-0.

I don’t know much about the rules or the strategy of soccer.

I do know how to get people to believe in themselves.

And that’s what these kids needed.

A boost in confidence.

Reassurance from someone else.

A reminder to believe they’re capable of playing well.

Whether it’s a 10-year old girl playing goalie for the first time.

Or an adult venturing into the wild, unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

A little encouragement can make a dramatic difference in someone’s life.

It doesn’t take much.

At all.

I’ve said it for years, and I’ll say it till they throw dirt on me…

Life in 90% mindset and 10% strategy, tactic or luck.


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