I have something embarrassing to admit

This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Let’s hope it’s the last 😜

Adam stopping by again…

A lady I went to high school with reached out to me last night.

In her message (below), she asked: What exactly do you do?

Not good.

Although, in the online entrepreneur space, it’s quite common.

It’s still embarrassing.

And it’s a clear sign I need to get better with my messaging.

My messaging over the last year has been somewhat schizophrenic, as you’ve likely noticed.

I’ve been working on really dialing it in the last couple of months.


Her husband is a golf teacher in Michigan.

He’s looking to branch out and do his own thing.

He recently started a YouTube channel to teach golf.

Here is the message she sent me:

I’ve been yammering on about the power of Facebook Reels in my emails over the last month or so.

Trying to show you (with proof) how powerful of an opportunity we all have at our (literal) fingertips.

I’m getting nearly daily DMs with people asking questions, needing my help/advice, and wanting to work together.

Last week, I got invited to speak at an online summit. This guy’s coach recommended me to him.

Later today I have a call with the guy who has an email list of 39,000.

He’s looking for help in monetizing his list better, and needs help with Facebook Reels.

More and more of my time is being spent on Facebook now.

I added “write a daily post on FB” to my daily schedule.

Do more of what’s working.

Do less of what’s not working.

A painfully obvious statement, yet many (myself included) seem to overlook it.

What is the one or two things that are moving the needle for you?

Are your tripling down on them?

If not, think about that this weekend, and make adjustments for next week.

Also, if you’re publishing content on Tik Tok, and not re-purposing them over on Facebook, I would get started with that yesterday.

It really isn’t much extra work (takes 2 – 3 minutes to do).

As I typed that out, I thought of something I heard Jim Rohn say in a YouTube video I watched last night:

Someone in the crowd asked, “If it were so easy Jim, why doesn’t everyone do it?”

Jim replied, “If it’s easy to do, it’s also easy not to do

Ain’t that the truth?

Yesterday, I had an idea…

I’m considering putting on a workshop around short form video.

My strategy, how I come up with content ideas (I have 100+ of them in an app I have yet to film!), how to re-purpose them with ease and pretty much everything I know after publishing 1,800 short form videos over the last 27 months.

It’d be a LIVE workshop and priced at $27.

Would that interest you}?

If so, just reply with a YES.

If not, no worries, and I won’t worry about putting it together.

It makes no sense to do something, if people aren’t interested.

If a LIVE workshop for $27 sounds like it would benefit you, please reply with a YES!


When you’re ready, here are a few ways I can help you….

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