I hung out with the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback today

This might come as a surprise to you, but I don’t think Derer Carr should play football anymore.

Here’s what he should be doing.

Adam stopping by…

Derek Carr (quarterback of the Raiders) was a special guest speaker at our church this morning.

The man was outstanding!

He’s born to preach.

He’s hosting a men’s conference in Vegas in April, and this was him promoting it (a bit).

His grandfather was a pastor, so it’s in his bloodline.

Not to worry, I ain’t gonna get all preachy on you, but wanted to bring up a point he made…

If you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile.

Derek said this is how the devil in our head works.

Devil = Negative voices.

If you let a bit (give an inch) of doubt, jealously, envy, imposter syndrome, self sabotage, WHATEVER in your head…your head can be consumed with negativity (take a mile).

Before you know it, the zombie apocalypse has taken over, and is feisting on your mind,  Adam.

Causing you to believe in every fiber of your being that the sky is falling.

That the world is evil.

That everyone hates each other.

It’s a vicious, deep, dark ,black hole.

And many people are stuck in it.

Don’t believe me?

Read the comments on these Tik Tok videos.


It’s why I hammer home this point:

Business is 90% mindset and 10% strategy/tactic/luck. 

For someone who’s struggled with all those negative beliefs above and 1,483 others, that message resonated deeply in my bones at church today.

Last month, I read Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It, a book I hadn’t read in 5-6 years.

In the book, he shares a 7-minnute meditative practice.

One I’ve been applying daily for the last four weeks.

I also printed 8-10 positive affirmations that are hanging on my bathroom mirror.

I read these aloud daily.

If the kids ain’t home, I scream them quite loud.

Things such as….

I create my own reality.

Success comes easy to me.

I always know the correct action to take. 

I always know the right decision to make.

If a negative thought pops up in my head…

I take a deep breath, and while breathing in, I say: I love myself (from the book above).

In a few short weeks, I’m much more focused on the positive aspects of life.

I’m more focused on the things I can control.

It’s a simple practice, but it needs to be done daily.

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