I left her house at 3:20 am…

It’s not like that.


Yesterday afternoon, a friend reached out to me asking if I wanted to grab dinner.

It could not have been better timing, as I had not left the house in 2 days.

With the Jiu Jitsu gym closed this week, I’ve had zero human interaction since the kids left on Saturday afternoon.

We met for dinner, then went back to her place.

My friend is quite successful selling on Amazon since 2016.

Amazon is NOT a busienss model, but a distribution channel.

She understands that.

And has built a Shopify store to sell her products.

Over the last several months, she’s spent an enormous amount of the green stuff on marketing agencies to run her advertising campaign for her ecommerce shop.

She’s on her third ads agency, as the first two absolutely shit the bed.

Abyssal results.

These agencies are charging a pretty penny for their services, too.

As expected, she ain’t happy.

With the money she’s spent on these idiots, she could have bought a white 2015 Tesla Model S (just so happens to be my DREAM car).

We sat down, and I had a peak behind the curtains.

She shared her store and Amazon revenue.

She shared her email, social media, customer acquisition and backend strategy.

Before I knew it, it was 1:00 am.

We continued on.

I paced around the room firing off ideas.

Next thing I know, it’s 2:30 am.

We kept going.

Finally around 3:15 am, I told her, I had to get home.

If it weren’t so late, I would have stayed there for several more hours.

This is the stuff that I can truly talk about for hours upon hours upon hours.

This is the stuff I totally geek out on.

I started this email with one lesson in mind, shared below.

In the 10 or so minutes I’ve been typing, two more takeaways popped up in my head.

We’re days away from 2021.

For most, 2020 was absolutely horrific.

It’s forced people to re-think their plans for earning a living.

Maybe because they got laid off earlier this year.

Or their hours/pay were drastically reduced.

The big lesson I want to share is this:

Find something that absolutely lights a fire in your belly.

Find work that is meaningful to you.

Find something that will keep you up till 3:20 am at a friends house, on a Tuesday night, with a 30 minute drive home.

Find THAT!

And do that everyday!

It might not earn you money at first.

It might not earn you money for months.

At some point, you will be able to monetize it.

And at some point, you will be able to earn a living from it.

If you need a hand with the first step, 300 Extra is a step-by-step book on how to turn your knowledge/expertise/skillset//passion into a book in 48 hours.

You can grab a copy for $7 here

There are literally thousands of people out there that could benefit from the knowledge in your head.

Get out there and help them with it!

Life’s way too short to live any other way.

As always, I’m rooting for you!