I was Sobbing Like a Baby at Church

I couldn’t hold back the tears.

At church this morning, they played video clips of fathers from church.

Each father, face-to-face, with one child.

Some of the children were grown adults.

Some were much younger.

Each child asked the question:

“What makes you proud of me?”

My eyes filled with tears watching the raw, real emotion on all their faces when the Dad answered that powerful question.

I thought of my Dad and how he taught me the value of being honest, sincere and hard-working.

I thought of my lack of patience with the kids.

I thought of how much joy these two angels bring me when we wrestle, go swimming, take bike rides, go to the park, have popcorn movies, or play Uno.

I thought of how I cherish the 15 days/mo I get with them each month, but dread the days I can’t tuck them into bed.

I thought of what I could have done different with their Mom, so we could all be a family. It’s the one thing I wanted more than anything in this life — a family.

I thought of the struggles of co-parenting, or the argument her & I got into at 7:45 this morning as she dropped the kids off.

I thought of the water balloon fight I promised them later today.

And the trip to Dunkin Donuts after church.

I thought of the sweet text I received from a close friend right before service.

I thought of dinner and the golf cart ride at my parents this evening.

Then Bob Carlisle walked on stage.

He’s the guy that wrote the tear jerker of a song, Butterfly Kisses.

His son beside him.

They played that song and the water in my eyes turned into full-on tears running down my face.

I hadn’t cried in public like that since my friend Josh’s funeral in 2006.

I got in my feels today.


NEVER forget how big of a role we play. Regardless of what society tries to jam down our throats.

I hope you enjoyed your day with the ones you love.

I know I did.

Happy Father’s Day, my brothers!!


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