It’s not that hard

That’s what she said šŸ˜œ

It’s been two years since I had a sip of alcohol

From 19 – 38, I drank Las Vegas dry of JackĀ Jack Daniels a couple of times.

Here is a picture of me, in Daisy Dukes, circa 2009, at Hard Rock Hotel pool party

Some nights I was the life of the party (something I took immense pride in).

Some nights I was the biggest asshole to people close to me.

Easter Sunday of 2019,Ā I woke up and challenged myself to 30 days without alcohol.

A challenge I had attempted probably 78 times before then that ended in epic failure.

I did not think I could make it 10 days, let alone 30!

The first couple weeks were rough.

Once I hit 30 days,Ā I thought…maybe I could go 40 days?

ThenĀ maybe 50 days…100 days.Ā 

After 100 days had passed, it was a breeze.

I didn’t have an addiction, I don’t believe in that.

I struggled with self control and had bad habits.

It has not been nearly as difficult as I thought it would

I tell you all this because…

You might be struggling with something — drinking, tobacco, marijuana, painkillers, shopping, gambling, secks, video games or binge eating.

Try to go 7 days without (fill in the blank).

Then go another 7 days.

After two weeks, you’ll likely feel a dramatic boost in confidence.

A boost in self control.

You’re stacking upĀ smallĀ wins.

(A win is a win…there is no such thing as aĀ smallĀ win).

You’ll quickly realize that you can do this.

That you have control over your demons.

I did this same thing with coffee (been 5 months since I had a cup).

I quit caffeine in January, following this sameĀ strategy.Ā 

Keep going.



One day at a time.

Some days, it might be one hour at a time.

Don’t under estimate the power of theseĀ smallĀ wins stacked up over and over.

You got this!